AdSense Approval – What is Necessary?

Getting approved by AdSense is a dream for every blogger. Here are the important things for you to take care before applying AdSense.

1. Content:

Select a content based on your interest. It may be any legal thing. Do not select any illegal and pornography kind of content. Google AdSense never approves that kind of blogs and websites. How many articles are need is still a question without a answer. I recommend write at least 15 quality articles. All the articles must contain at least 500 words.

If you have many menu tabs post some articles under them do not leave a empty menu tab whrn applying for AdSense. Note the next one is very important. Do not upload many images and videos. Content must be containing more texts. Check grammatical mistakes. Poor written articles easily getting rejected. OK kanmani Review Click here

Try to give some information. Be a resource for others. Good articles give much chances of approval. Again note this articles must have more texts. (Minimum 500, I recommend)

2. Design:

Select a simple neat template.  Don’t set default templates. Use a custom template but don’t select photo gallery type of template. Give good navigations. 1000’s of free templates available, select a best one for your blogger. Edit them well. In internet you can get many assistance in editing. Poorly edited templates make less of your chances for approving.

Set custom template to your blog

Use templates that load quickly. The template must be fast enough to give good experience to the users. AdSense also like that kind of websites.

3. Traffic:

Traffic is really doesn’t matter for approving. Do not use any illegal methods to create traffic. Organic traffic is preferable. Use social medias for better result. I had 30-40 page views every day when my blog getting approved by AdSense.

4. About, Privacy Policy and Contact Pages:

About, Privacy policy and contact pages are must for AdSense. Write about yourself or about your team who are all involved in the blog. Write it neatly, give your personal details and your interest in blogging. Privacy policies can be found in internet. You can select policies that suites your blog. Contact details must be clear. Give your contact information that help visitors can easily communicate with you. Face book username, Twitter username and provide a valid E-mail ID to them. (You can refer my “About” Page) Kanchana 2 movie review and rating

5. Sign in to Webmaster and Google Analytics:

Use webmaster tools and Google analytics to ensure the quality of your blog. In webmaster ensure that you are the owner of your domain. You can set many preferences for your blog including you can set geographical area that you are targeting to get visitors. Check your speed of your blog for both desktop and mobiles. Use Google Analytics to know each and every movement of your blog.

6. Time:

In some countries like India and China you have to own your blog for at least 6 months. Then only you can apply for the AdSense.
Don’t get irritate when your application rejected. You receive mail from AdSense about weakness of your blog. Correct all the mistakes and apply again. 

Make big money with your content……All The Best…


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