Daily Health Tips


Health, always we miss to take care of. Some of daily easy health tips makes your day good. Here they are,

Daily tips:

  • Answer phone calls from left year
  • When phone's battery is low, don't answer the call because radiation is 1000 times higher than usual
  • Best sleeping time is 10 p.m to 4 a.m
  • Don't take your medicine with cold water
  • Don't take heavy meals after 5 p.m
  • Drink more water in the morning less at night
  • Don't immediately lie down after taking meal

Top water-rich vegetables:

  • Tomatoes 94% contains of water
  • Cucumber 96% contains of water 
  • Grapefruit 90% contains of water
  • Spinach 92% contains of water
  • Watercress 92% contains of water
  • Lettuce 96% contains of water
  • Carrots 90% contains of water
  • Broccoli 92% contains of water
  • Watermelon 96% contains of water

Drink water at the right time:


  • Two glasses of water after waking up helps activate internal organs
  • One glass of water 30 minutes before the meal helps digestion
  • One glass of water before take bath or shower helps lower blood pressure
  • One glass of water before going to bed avoids stroke and heart attack.

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